we invest with care


Your money is our money, we treat it as if it is our own.

We invest every dollar to ensure the maximum return on investment. We don’t believe that we are traders on Wall Street, your investment is safe and handled with dignity, respect and care.

We want to ensure that your business thrives and grows.

Accountability is key and each client is treated uniquely according to their own business needs.

We do not subscribe to deals based on agency leverage, we invest based on our clients needs.

We foster strong relationships with media owners, we ensure the deal is fair and equitable for all parties – media is not merely stock.

Our deals are based on relevance, necessity, trust, loyalty and ROI.

“I’ve worked on many projects with Tara over the past 16 years and have always found her to be extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and personal. I always enjoy seeing / working with Tara as I know we’ll do great  business together. Tara’s working relationships with the media and her strategic thinking allows her to put together the very best campaigns for her clients.”

Ben Walker, Managing Director, Shopper Media Group

“Tara is a talented media professional who has a clear view of the world and how things should operate. She has great energy and is a real radiator.”

Louise McCann, Non Execute Director at Macquarie Radio Network

“I found Tara to be outstanding at her job in the sense of managing client and media expectations, offering creative insights and obviously media planning and implementation. I cant recommend Tara highly enough.”

Cameron Curtis, General Manager ANZ Near

“I have known Tara for over 15 years  and during this time we have worked and collaborated together on some substantial bits of business with some really positive outcomes. She is not afraid to explore new boundaries for growth.

I found her enthusiasm, attention to detail and passion for the work she does, resonates right through the team she works with and always does the right thing by the media. Her experience, integrity and honesty are a really valuable asset t to any company she represents.”

Bill Athanassiou, Commercial Director JCDecaux