what’s all the flix about?

IMG_6808 (2)It’s TV, but not as we know it.

Gone are the days that the programmer schedules your nights viewing.

Foxtel certainly changed that over 5 year ago with the advent of their sophisticated EPG and digital boxes which enabled you to record, series link, pause and rewind.

Now with SVOD the only thing really holding you back is your form of device and also your connectivity.

If you have Netflix or another of the streaming options you will certainly know that no longer do you hang out for your favourite episode every week. Instant gratification is what it is about.

No longer do you watch one episode a night, but instead several of the series, if you are even watching. The problem now is series fatigue, content fatigue and increasingly actual attention paid.

People now control the ratings, beyond what we communications types can harness. Sure it is the top end of the curve that are using. But the floodgate is well and truly open.

We are super-filters, like Google taking snippets and pieces of what ever we deem relevant and interesting.

Now can you see what all the flix is about?