technology but not as we know it

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The future of media. 15 years ago I worked with a clever lady who believed in the future of media and teaching it’s practice.

Somehow now we think that technology is a new phenomena.

Life is constantly changing, we live in a state of flux. This is part of evolving and improving.

In reality inventions exist long before they come into the mainstream. It is fundamentally based on the adoption curve, which is unlikely to change.

The change agent is what you put into that curve and who adopts it. It will be adopted by different people depending on who needs it or desires it most. This could be any age, any industry and/or product, yet eventually if successful it will become mainstream.

Adoption is driven from the fundamental economic principles of needs and wants (or supply and demand).

Typically and simply quite something needs to be made better, stronger, faster.

Those 15 years ago fundamentals were time travel, get me back time, make life easier. Those innovation drivers don’t really shift. The shift is the technology which enables it. What we invent to solve a problem or address a challenge.

What people said they wanted all those years ago was a “tardis” to name one. Rocket technology existed at that very time to deliver a person from Sydney to Heathrow in 8 hours. But the need wasn’t great enough and the cost too high for the demand.

Instead we see the rise of telecons, virtual travel, Facetime, Facebook.

The ingredient is really affordability, only 1% can afford the uber solution. Therefore it can be brought to market cheaply eventually due to demand – necessity or desire, it will happen!

Over the years of technology we also see bundling and un-bundling. Convergence and divergence. There is a constant drive to improve and have a better experiences.

It’s amazing to think that future professions don’t currently exist and that some industries like law will be governed by AI.

Two great short films to watch and inspire you are;

Made in 2004

Made 4 years ago

What do you predict?


what is media?


Media is an ever evolving beast which grows and swells with each decade that passes. Yet strangely like fashion it’s very essence can be incredibly cyclical, repetitive and samey.

What does this mean? In a nutshell fragmentation has always and will always exist. It is certainly true that it is increasingly hard to reach an audience enmasse, as could be achieve via TV in the last couple of decades.

The elusive TARP has eroded from the glory days of 15 and 20’s on a high week to barely scraping an 8 on a good night.

The tricky thing though is media is not everything.

We are dealing with a living breathing human control panels, we are predictable to a degree, but also incredibly fickle and savvy to messaging.

So as agencies grapple and attempt to outplay people, we seem to cycle back to circa 19th century to stamps on boxes (but embedded with QR codes and other digital technology) and soap operas (modern day brand content).

There is really a sense of irony to all of this.

Facebook is really one giant highly sophisticated pen-pal system, which instantly connects you with the rest of the world and allows you to share in real time, monitoring people’s every move.

It is really important not to loose sight of what we are dealing with in the communications business. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

People will always have distractions, the distraction of life and living, if they are lucky they will live more than they post. Some are governed more by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and the fame, however this has not changed.

There are still people to reach and products to sell and market share to gain. The core challenge remains to connect with the right section of the market, to in turn effect the rest.

In most categories the adoption curve will always cascade, effecting the top end to open the floodgates of the dam.

Brilliant ideas and solution to clients challenges can exist anywhere and often the simplest are the best. The key is to uncover what that is and then deploy with vengeance.

Importantly, never loose sight of a great idea.