Rules of Engagement on Instagram.

In the myriad of social channels there is one that really creates a brand beautifully and instantly, that is Instagram or is that Instabrand?

Why Insta brand, with a great strategy and point of view and the correct scaffolding you can create a destination of like minded people who engage with your perspective.

technology but not as we know it

Media Future View

The future of media. 15 years ago I worked with a clever lady who believed in the future of media and teaching it’s practice.

Somehow now we think that technology is a new phenomena.

igniting passion

How to ignite your passion everyday.

The passion to create lies within everyone, yet tapping into it is a daily struggle. Many are actually powerless to ignite this creativity which lays dormant and unsatisfied. They are stuck in the confines of tradition, stifled by lack of knowledge. Experience is power, this comes through practice and making mistakes, plenty of them.

let me entertain you

Branded Content Rules of Engagement.

In the age of people power we seem so incredibly focused on branded content as a means to reach people.

In reality, people curate their own content and they often prefer authenticity over cleverly crafted brands woven throughout.

the reason we exist

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