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the reason we exist

Proliferate creates the art of media. A communications agency facilitating rapid growth for clients. Making all businesses bigger. Proliferate fuels rapid growth The power of six. Six reasons why you will love working with us; We have over two decades of building and re-building brands. We bring global, regional, and local expertise We have expertise across multi- disciplinary, cross-platform and significant knowledge across all categories We bring contemporary through the line solutions to all business issues. We care about your business no matter what the size We genuinely love what we do, we care about the success of your business

are screens really taking over our children’s lives?

Good question, well if you let them, yes. But should you let them? To a degree. There is a misconception out there that children can no longer read and write, because they are so busy with screens and they have quite simply lost the ability. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, ultimately the choice is really about parenting, if you choose to plonk your child in front of a device vs. converse, well hell hath no fury like screen rage! Screens are in fact the number one concern with parents these days, over and above even obesity. In my humble…

what’s all the flix about?

It’s TV, but not as we know it. Gone are the days that the programmer schedules your nights viewing. Foxtel certainly changed that over 5 year ago with the advent of their sophisticated EPG and digital boxes which enabled you to record, series link, pause and rewind. Now with SVOD the only thing really holding you back is your form of device and also your connectivity. If you have Netflix or another of the streaming options you will certainly know that no longer do you hang out for your favourite episode every week. Instant gratification is what it is about. No longer…

what is media?

Media is an ever evolving beast which grows and swells with each decade that passes. Yet strangely like fashion it’s very essence can be incredibly cyclical, repetitive and samey. What does this mean? In a nutshell fragmentation has always and will always exist. It is certainly true that it is increasingly hard to reach an audience enmasse, as could be achieve via TV in the last couple of decades. The elusive TARP has eroded from the glory days of 15 and 20’s on a high week to barely scraping an 8 on a good night. The tricky thing though is…

Our Mission

“We are a communications agency with a a great love of of creativity.” We facilitate rapid growth for clients. We love to make all businesses grow. Fueling rapid growth is our mission.