igniting passion



The passion to create lies within everyone, yet tapping into it is a daily struggle. Many are actually powerless to ignite this creativity which lays dormant and unsatisfied. They are stuck in the confines of tradition, stifled by lack of knowledge. Experience is power, this comes through practice and making mistakes, plenty of them.

Igniting passion comes from expanding your thinking and also your experiences, making yourself open, not closed.

In application, quite simply you could do something new every single day. Have rituals, but add new experiences to everyday. Walk a different way, buy a different coffee, smile at a stranger or give someone a compliment.

The little things in life actually lead to bigger things, in a world of infinite possibilities.

Apply this thinking to your job, approach things with fresh eyes and a new idea. Seek opportunities in things, try something new, try something old, feel nostalgia and re-connect both are of equal importance to success and life.

Wisdom comes through learning lessons and trying harder to make what you do better.

Innovation comes from a desire to make something better, work harder, faster or smarter. Apply this to your clients business, make a real difference. Create a new path or resurface the old one with better materials.

View your life through the lens of  a child, full of discovery and wonderment. Life and business now co-exist, make this existence work for you and make sure it ignites who you are and what you love and that you love it!

Your path may change but your skills and essence will grow and your passion will stay lit.