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In the myriad of social channels there is one that really creates a brand beautifully and instantly, that is Instagram or is that Instabrand?

Why Insta brand, with a great strategy and point of view and the correct scaffolding you can create a destination of like minded people who engage with your perspective.

The best way that the channel is used is by creating a perspective or a point of view. Your unique lens on the world.

The I in Instagram really is for Inspiration. Make sure you use it wisely and inspire those with your unique POV.

The N is for narrative, yes Instagram is for a visual feast of pictures and quotes. However make sure you have a narrative, your voice, engage people with your perspective. Let them imagine your timber.

The S is for Storytelling, your social and cultural beliefs. Be entertaining and educational, importantly instill your brand values.

The T is for Truth, tell the Truth, portray a sense of reality and your feelings.

The A is for for Awesome, because let’s face it, it is pretty awesome once you grasp it and work out how to be a brand!

The G is for Great, a great experience for connecting and collaborating with others.

The R is for Real, real moments captured and immortalised.

The A is for Amazingly Artistic, the amazing way you can express yourself and link up with people.

The M is for Movement, it moves and pivots and evolves with you and your world and the world beyond.

And no they didn’t pay me to say this 😉cropped-img_6804-2.jpg