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In the myriad of social channels there is one that really creates a brand beautifully and instantly, that is Instagram or is that Instabrand?

Why Insta brand, with a great strategy and point of view and the correct scaffolding you can create a destination of like minded people who engage with your perspective.

The best way that the channel is used is by creating a perspective or a point of view. Your unique lens on the world.

The I in Instagram really is for Inspiration. Make sure you use it wisely and inspire those with your unique POV.

The N is for narrative, yes Instagram is for a visual feast of pictures and quotes. However make sure you have a narrative, your voice, engage people with your perspective. Let them imagine your timber.

The S is for Storytelling, your social and cultural beliefs. Be entertaining and educational, importantly instill your brand values.

The T is for Truth, tell the Truth, portray a sense of reality and your feelings.

The A is for for Awesome, because let’s face it, it is pretty awesome once you grasp it and work out how to be a brand!

The G is for Great, a great experience for connecting and collaborating with others.

The R is for Real, real moments captured and immortalised.

The A is for Amazingly Artistic, the amazing way you can express yourself and link up with people.

The M is for Movement, it moves and pivots and evolves with you and your world and the world beyond.

And no they didn’t pay me to say this 😉cropped-img_6804-2.jpg

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Proliferate Communications

Tara is passionate, intelligent, energetic, inspiring Strategic Thinker. Tara has a strong entrepreneurial spirit & a relentless drive for innovation, futuristic concepts & game changing solutions to your business challenges, with over 20 years’ experience in strategic communications & future focused client solutions. Tara has extensive experience as Planning Director several key Global/APAC/BRIC businesses. Together with domestic ANZ experience Tara is highly awarded in her field having delivered over 30 awards for highly innovative, game changing, effective & behaviour shifting work devised for clients. Tara loves to re-define, expand, future-proof businesses, she creates & executes to the big plan.

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  1. Proliferate Communications has been a really positive experience for me and my business. The content was tailored towards our company’s brand which allowed us to have fun and connect with many other people in our target audience.

    If you’re looking to use social media platforms to engage with your community or just for fun, I highly recommend Proliferate Communications.


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