the reason we exist

Proliferate creates the art of media.

A communications agency facilitating rapid growth for clients. Making all businesses bigger.

Proliferate fuels rapid growth

The power of six. Six reasons why you will love working with us;

  1. We have over two decades of building and re-building brands.
  2. We bring global, regional, and local expertise
  3. We have expertise across multi- disciplinary, cross-platform and significant knowledge across all categories
  4. We bring contemporary through the line solutions to all business issues.
  5. We care about your business no matter what the size
  6. We genuinely love what we do, we care about the success of your business

Published by

Proliferate Communications

Tara is passionate, intelligent, energetic, inspiring Strategic Thinker. Tara has a strong entrepreneurial spirit & a relentless drive for innovation, futuristic concepts & game changing solutions to your business challenges, with over 20 years’ experience in strategic communications & future focused client solutions. Tara has extensive experience as Planning Director several key Global/APAC/BRIC businesses. Together with domestic ANZ experience Tara is highly awarded in her field having delivered over 30 awards for highly innovative, game changing, effective & behaviour shifting work devised for clients. Tara loves to re-define, expand, future-proof businesses, she creates & executes to the big plan.

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