are screens really taking over our children’s lives?

IMG_6376 (2)Good question, well if you let them, yes.

But should you let them? To a degree.

There is a misconception out there that children can no longer read and write, because they are so busy with screens and they have quite simply lost the ability.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle, ultimately the choice is really about parenting, if you choose to plonk your child in front of a device vs. converse, well hell hath no fury like screen rage! Screens are in fact the number one concern with parents these days, over and above even obesity. In my humble view the two are intrinsically linked.

Ask any parent, no parental control, no calm children. It used to be called “crazy eyes” for a reason!

Our children exist with a different types of technology these days. The job to be done is to use it for educational purposes, allow them to think, not be spoon feed, allow them to be challenged not to be told the answer.

Screens only over dominate if they are allowed, they exist and they are used by the Next Gen, use them wisely and don’t be fooled, don’t believe all the hype.

Ultimately, parents need to get their kids back on the paddock. Time to start running, getting active, playing sport and interacting in the physical world. 🙂

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